Monday, January 18, 2016


Last week we were once again up in the Twin Cities and did a little shopping at the Mall of America. Here are a few of the semi-random shots that I took during our visit.

The mall includes a central space suitable for special events, such as small concerts.  Here is a shot of chairs that were set up for some sort of concert.

Behind me was a large illuminated screen that was being reflected off some of the chairs.

At each of the four corners of the rectangular mall are large open spaces that are topped by skylights, each of a different design.  Here is a shot of one of those.

A few years ago one of four anchor stores that had occupied corner positions in the mall moved out and has been replaced, not by another major department store but by a variety of smaller retailers, including LL Bean.  I took this display of kayaks fronting that store.

A recent addition to the mall is a new hotel, a Marriott.  I thought they did an interesting job in the design of the area leading from the mall to the hotel.

It was interesting to look down on the lounge areas on the ground floor.

The walls leading to the hotel feature a number of semi-interesting pieces of art, including these two mosaics.

The skylight over the connecting area also held some interest.

And here is a shot from the hotel back toward mall's retail space.

And finally a shot of one of the corridors in the mall proper.


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