Monday, January 18, 2016


Last weekend I had a meeting at Milwaukee's Central Library.  I thought I had pretty much exhausted the opportunities for architectural photos at the library but decided to bring my camera anyway to get a few more shots.

My standard shot has been one looking up at the library atrium's domed ceiling, so here it is.

Another shot I have tried before, without great success, has been a shot up from one of the atrium's corners.  Here are a couple of those, one wider-angled and one a little more telephoto and less cluttered.

There are essentially three floors surrounding the library's atrium.  On this visit, with limited time, I kept only one shot taken from the second floor.

I tried to frame the shot using the supporting pillars and crossing beam.

The remaining shots are from the third floor.  There are bronze eagles perched along the third floor pillars.

I also liked the corridor spaces on the third floor, including the following.

Cameras generally have a difficult time with different qualities of light (for example incandescent vs. fluorescent), and that shows up in the above image as a green tint toward the end of the corridor.  Perhaps there is a way to correct for this false color (at least to the eye), but I couldn't do it without messing up the white balance in the remainder of the image.

In the following shot I was attempting to take advantage of multiple curved arches along the side corridors.

Finally is another shot I have taken before.  In this photo, presented in color and in black & white, I wanted to center on the top of the balustrade between the side corridor and the stairs leading down to the second floor.

The library's atrium is gorgeous but it is modest-sized, and I'm not sure how many more architectural opportunities I may have, given my limited "vision."