Thursday, October 8, 2015


As I stated before, the name of our tour was Italian Landscapes.  And I thought I would add a few more landscape shots that I took and kept.

After our departure from Cortona, we stayed three nights in the very small town of Bettona, once again located on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley.  The hotel was a little on the odd side, and the same could be said for our particular room.  It was spacious but a bit awkwardly designed.  However, the room had a killer view of the valley below, and on our first night there I got the following shots of the evening sky.

The "god light" shot might seem a bit hokey, but there it was.  For the second shot I zoomed in on the mist-laden hills.

Earlier, during our visit to the Altesino winery, I took a couple of landscape shots.

I didn't think this shot quite worked.  I liked keeping the sky as negative space to bring focus on the clump of trees in the lower right.  But it would have been better had the trees been situated at the crest of the hill instead of being down the slope a bit.

I had better luck with the next shot.

First, I was fortunate that we were approaching later afternoon when the horizontal light was creating more dramatic shadows on the undulating land.  Second, iconic cypress trees served as vertical accents to the relatively horizontal layers of land stretching from the vineyards in the foreground to the more substantial hills in the distant background.


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