Monday, June 29, 2015


Each June the Milwaukee Art Museum sponsors an art festival on the grounds of the museum and nearly every year my wife and I check it out.  The show is juried and the art is generally very high quality.  More often than not we wind up buying something, despite the fact that the prices are generally frighteningly high.  We had missed the show in 2014 but did make it this year, though we wound up not buying anything.

I did bring my camera to the show and took some shots of the art.  I am very conscious of the fact that this is art offered for sale and in some sense taking photos of the art is in some ways a "taking" of that art without compensation to the artist.  In fact, some of the artists have begun posting signs stating that photography is prohibited without permission.  I can understand that, and I certainly would not take photos in contravention of that prohibition.  In the photos that follow there is only one shot of a sculpture in the exhibitor area.  The remainder were taken in a exterior courtyard area devoted primarily to sculptures of various of the artists.  I felt that the sculptures in this area were "fair game" for photography.

As usually happens, I found myself more attracted to sculpture than to two-dimensional "wall art."  In part, I think, that is because sculpture gives me the opportunity to express myself just a bit in terms of depth of field, background elements, and composition in general.

Here without further comment are some of the sculptures that I shot, all of which are representations of the human form--sort of.


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