Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Our Alaska vacation included seven nights on a cruise ship, the Crown Princess, and I thought I should include one post that features the ship itself, if only for documentary purposes.

Here, first, are a couple of shots of the exterior.

The ship is huge by any standard, with a crew of 1,200 and a guest passenger capacity of over 3,000.  It includes any number of restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and viewing decks, many of which we didn't visit.  The ship spends much of the year in more tropical climates, including the Carribean, which explains the large pool and sunning sections that were sparingly used in the Alaskan weather that was always cool and often rainy.

A major interior feature of the ship was the Atrium, a three-story section at midship that I think can best be described as opulent.  Here are a few shots of that area.

And, yes, the ship included a white grand piano and central ceiling fixture that I also tried to capture in photos.

This was our first cruise vacation in a traditional sense.  Perhaps if we did another we would more fully embrace the cruise "life."  I'm not sure, though, that that is going to happen.


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