Friday, July 5, 2013


Following my recent experience in photographing graffiti, I have begun wandering around railroad yards--not the most inviting of places.  I have been worried that some railroad official will ask me what I am doing and then kick me off for trespassing.  Or worse things could happen.  Nothing's happened--yet, anyway.

A lot of graffiti artists work on railroad cars, perhaps because the cars are mobile, giving the art visibility, and also because the cars are located in relatively desolated areas, letting the artists work uninterrupted.

First is a caboose in a rail switching yard that I was able to pose against some old grain elevators.  No graffiti, but I did like the composition.

Some of the graffiti I came across was pretty mundane, not much more than plain tagging.

Not very impressive, really.

Following is some more typical railroad graffiti.

And then there was the following.

Not much in the way of art, but there is some humor.

Finally, here are a few non-graffiti shots that I kind of liked.

Based on the above, I have work to do.


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