Wednesday, March 27, 2013


On this visit to Scottsdale, I somehow became enamored with rust as a source of texture.  It was most evident at Scottsdale's Arabian library (see my post of March 20).  As a reminder, the library building is completely sheathed in iron plating that has been allowed to rust.  Here is the entry to the library.

And here are a couple of additional photos of that sheathing.

One of the shops in downtown Scottsdale was similarly clad in iron plating, as the following illustrate.

And here are a couple of wider angle shots.

It helped, I think, that the seams appeared to be on an angle.

Finally, I also spied some wrought iron work that had been allowed to rust.

As my wife has pointed out, none of these shots is a stand-alone image.  In other words, they will not be framed and hanging on our walls any time soon.  But I do like the texture that the rust creates, and the rich, warm color also helps.

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