Saturday, September 15, 2012


For the third post of the photos I took at the MACC Fund Car Show, I am focusing on some of the more whimsical aspects of the show.  This was a show where attendees were encouraged to vote for favorites in various categories, and a lot of the entrants used various tactics in an attempt, I assume, to garner votes.  One example was this mid-1950s Chevy decked out with drive-in tray.

There was also a 1951 Willys that was decorated with machine gun shells, both projecting from the back of the cab, as well as draped across the top.

I think this is the most bullets I have seen in one location.

One of the cars that I enjoyed was actually a truck, a 1950 Ford pickup that did not appear to have had any sort of restoration, at least a far as its body was concerned.  My father used to drive a 1950 Ford pickup, and seeing this truck gave me a chance to reminisce a bit.

I particularly liked the truck's "patina."

Here was a fun jalopy, with an interesting stated function.

And here is a more serious 1929 Model A jalopy . . .

. . . with an appropriate license plate.

Then there was the guy with a cockatoo.  He was pleased to have me take a photo of him and his bird.

This was his entry, a 1959 Mercury.

I liked the angle I took on this shot, though I wish I had captured all of the taillight in the image.

OK, so the following was not part of the car show, but I liked the simplicity of this shot, which I turned into a B&W.

Taken with my Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 lens.

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