Thursday, March 22, 2012


Scottsdale has a classic car dealership, Discover Classic Cars, and they were kind enough to let me take a few photos of their extensive inventory of classic cars, extending back at least into the 20s and up through the muscle cars of the 70s.  I wasn't comfortable spending a lot of time on the lot, as I did not want to interfere with their business operation.  In addition, it had rained recently, so the normally sparkling car bodies had water spots on some of their surfaces, and I was not going to clean them off.  I did get some OK shots, however.  As usual, I found myself taking photos of just parts of cars, as in this shot.

I did manage to photograph the whole car in this case.  Not sure of the make.  Handsome, though.

I knew the following to be a Ford,

because of its radiator.

Don't know about the following car, but I did like the detailing.

I also liked that I was able to capture the reflection of one muscle car in the side panel of another in the following.

But the car that I liked the best was a 1940 Ford coupe sporting lines created at the height of the art deco period.  It was gorgeous and was in great condition.

Loved the side mirrors.  Here is a closeup of the grille.

This shot also worked well as a B&W.

Finally, there is the shot of the back quarter section that I positioned at the top of this post to catch the viewer's attention.  This is really a simple shot, with just a few lines and a taillight to identify it.  Normally, I get concerned with areas in a photo that are completely dark.  However, here the dark areas on the right sides of the trunk and the fender actually serve to provide depth to the shot.

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